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How to reset your energetic flow and tap into your natural abundance so you can manifest what you really desire in any area of your life.

A Free 5 day immersive training for women who are tired of feeling unfulfilled and are struggling to manifest what they really want 

Do you want to learn the exact steps to getting the results you want in your life with ease and flow?


Are You:


So stuck in the overwhelm of how you are feeling that you don't even know what you really want anymore?


Struggling to manifest even the simpliest of things, and wondering where you are going wrong?


Aware of the possibility of manifesting but don't really know how to do it properly?


Able to manifest parking spaces and other small things but the things you really want never seem to appear?

Sick and tired of feeling unhappy and making do, whilst watching other people live the life you want?
Know deep down that there is more to life, but don't know how to make it happen?

Ready to learn simple strategies that you can easily use to gain consistency and momentum in your manifesting - even in the busiest lives?

If so, you need to get yourself signed up for this FREE challenge NOW!


4 Common mistakes that people make when learning to manifest that bring them more of what they don't want (and how to avoid them)
3 Key Strategies to align your energy to what you desire that will help you to easily manifest in super fast time
The Secret to creating a good solid manifesting practice even if your life is chaotically busy
My Easy to follow blueprint to getting so clear on what you desire that the universe can't help but give it to you
The One Crucial insight to transform your vibration in an instant and attract what you have always wanted

Whatever your current experience with manifesting Is, if you are serious about having an ABUNDANT, FULFILLED & HAPPY LIFE, then do not miss out on this FREE 5 Day Immersive Challenge


As soon as you sign up we will send you an email with all the info, but here is what you'll get:

Daily Tips, tools and exercises to help you unlock your abundance and manifest in any area of your life
Daily LIVE training and Q & A sessions hosted by Amanda inside the Private Challenge Facebook Group
Access to Amanda's information packed Masterclass:


When you sign up, you'll also get the chance to win some juicy prizes including:

  • A copy of Amanda's popular 'book 'Do I Have An Angel?' and A deck of Amanda's Angel Cards worth £29.98

  • 30 Minutes 1-2-1 session with Amanda worth £55

  • 6 Months Membership Access to The Abundant Club worth £294


After following you for years I had to be part of your community and ramp up my spiritual journey. I finally took the plunge as it felt like the right fit for me and it has been more than I ever imagined.

~ Ali Warlow

I think I found you through Hay House. You were doing an abundance challenge. I have been hooked ever since! My life has changed dramatically. The biggest change has been my inner peace. I am definately not exagerating when I say Amanda, you, my angels and the support of the ladies in the Abundance Club continue to be my primary source of strength and hope in my life. Thank you!

~ Kim Snow

I manifested my house and mortgage in 3 months, plus lots of other things. I wasn't looking to buy a house at the time. Im glad I joined. Lots of support from yourself and other members.

~ Julie Pugh

I stumbled across you when I was in a right rut. I thought I was the only person who believed in angels and LOA and my angels introduced me to yours!  Ive grown so much spiritually and have manifested so so much and realised and got to know the real me. Your support, guidance and encouragement has just been amazing Amanda. I wish you were my mum!

~Sian Fagan

The result has been a huge growth in income and business and lots of healing.

~Nicky Gentle


Hi I'm Amanda and I'm really excited to support you in what I believe is going to be an unforgettable experience.

I know what it feels like to be frustrated with life and yourself when you can't get it moving in the direction you want and when you see others that can have you wondering 'why not me?'

My intention for this free immersive challenge is that you'll walk away from it understanding exactly what you need to do to manifest all the abundance you desire and I'll also be giving you a step by step strategy to manifest in any area of your life.

Are you ready?

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Amanda Tooke - The Angel Mystic

Amanda Tooke, also known as “The Angel Mystic”.  Amanda is a Spiritual Life Coach & Healer specialising in Angels and Law of Attraction.

She enjoys bringing fun to spirituality and making laughter part of her work as when you are laughing you are allowing.  Which is really important when using LOA. She is a Reiki Master and natural healer, who has seen spirit since a child.  The Angels have also helped her to get over life threatening illness and basically transform her life from a single mum on benefits to winner of ITV ’s May The Best House Win.  She has appeared on  Channel 4's TV show called The Hotel, doing one of her Angel Shows.

She is an amazing manifester and has manifested houses, free cruises, holidays, 2 Range Rover cars, private number plate, hot tub and an amazing lifestyle.  All her stories inspire others to make changes in their mindset and to use their Angels to manifest what they want. She teaches this her Private Manifesting Club called Abundance Club, where she teaches others The MAP – Manifesting Abundance Practice which is a solid daily spiritual and manifesting practice that fits into the busiest of lives.  

Whilst she has manifested many amazing things and still does, for her the ultimate manifestation is inner peace which she experiences each day.  Abundance to her is having more than enough of whatever you want and she loves to support others to manifest the life they want too.

She is a Fate & Fortune Columnist, Author and creator of her own Angel Cards, NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist & Practitioner of Time Line™ Therapy.

Turning the Woowoo into Woohoo in your life.

Amanda has been helping others manifest more abundance, happiness and success in their lives for the last 10 years.

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